Common queries answered

Frequently asked Questions

Like any country, as a solo traveler, you need to be aware of your surroundings. However, Morocco, and particularly small villages like Taghazout, are known for their friendliness and safety. We have hosted many solo female travelers, which is absolutely wonderful!
Taghazout is a tranquil fishing and surf village. It offers a variety of dining options, including a combination of European and traditional cafes, bakeries, and surf shops, as well as several convenience stores. The nearest ATM is located in Banana Village, which is a 10-minute drive away.
Make sure to pack SPF 50+ waterproof sunscreen, swimwear, sunglasses, a beach towel, a cap or sunhat, shorts, and T-shirts. It’s also advisable to bring something slightly warmer for the evenings when it may be a bit cooler. Remember to bring any necessary personal medications and toiletries. If you’d like to bring your surfboard and wetsuit, we offer board storage. However, please note that these are provided in our surf packages, so there’s no need to bring your own unless you prefer to. Rest assured, everything else is ready and waiting for you!

You won’t need a significant amount of spending money, but it’s advisable to bring some for the evening meal out. The average cost of a meal out is around 100 Moroccan Dirhams or 10 Euros.Additionally, it’s a great concept to have some cash set apart for any souvenirs you could want to buy.

Our surf coaches are qualified with the International Surfing Association (ISA) have been teaching for more than 10 years now.
Yes! You are very welcome to join all classes and we highly recommend yoga as a complementary practice to balance and ease your body alongside surfing. All classes are tailored to surfers, targeting the muscles, joints, and positions you’ve been drilling all day in the waves, to relax and replenish your body preparing it for the next day so you feel like you’re getting the most out of your surf coaching! Yoga classes can be added at any time whilst you are staying with us for €15 per class.
Yes, you are very welcome to. You can wander around Taghazout Bay or take a short hike to Aourir – Banana Village. Every Wednesday, there is a local Souk in Aourir, that is always worth a visit. You’ll find nice souvenirs, but also a large range of locally grown fruit, vegetables, traditional argan oil products, and tasty amlou. This is the market where mainly locals shop, so visiting it is a truly authentic Moroccan experience. In Agadir, there is a bigger Souk where you can find everything you can think of. Also worth a visit, but a little more touristy than the one in Aourir.

Our maximum number of surfers per coach is 5.

We have a whole range of boards from 9ft soft tops for beginners to shortboards that you can choose from according to your level.
No, the tap water in Morocco is fine for brushing teeth but not for drinking. We provide you with water refills throughout the day (please bring a reusable water bottle!). This way we don’t have to throw bottles away each day, you’ll be helping us to minimize our plastic consumption.

There are local cash machines in Banana Village just 10 minutes by car if you need to withdraw money and currency exchange in Taghazout village or Tamraght.

Morocco is a year-round tourist and surf destination if you’re a beginner/improver. We have fun waves for 12 months of the year, perfect for learning to surf and working on your technique. The bigger swell comes during the winter months, and this is when we offer the surf guiding and more intermediate surf packages since the waves are consistently a bigger size from October – April. Don’t let this put you off coming any time of the year, we travel to the best surf spot every day, even if that means taking a little road trip each day (Agadir is more sheltered, so we have bigger waves North and South of us) to find the bigger/smaller waves. We will always find you optimum waves to learn in!
During the day we mostly have glorious sunshine over the winter months with an average temperature of 25c and clear, crisp nights when the temperatures are on average 10c.